Guitar Classes


Classes are for all levels (beginners or advanced), and are taught online to everyone through Skype or zoom (they can be in Spanish or English).
The study program to be developed is basically to study palo by palo (tangos, solea, alegrías, sevillanas, bulerías, seguirillas, tarantas, etc.) by looking at the three aspects of flamenco guitar: accompaniment to cante, accompaniment to dance and solo concert play ; while studying the different techniques of flamenco guitar for the right and left hands and thus reach the highest possible technical level. At first, the solo works are for study and later include the study of guitarists such as Paco de Lucía, Tomatito or Vicente Amigo. The technique to work in the classes is of the highest level.

Instrument classes have a frequency of one hour once a week, have a duration of 1 hour each class and are individual. For more information send a message in the “Contact” section, or directly to the telephones published there.