Shows for Events

Show for parties such as birthdays, weddings and any event formed by the Artists of the Restaurant of the Centro Asturiano de Vicente López (Libertador 1080, Vicente López) and Winners of the ̈Música en
Bares Notables 2019 ′′ Contest among many other references. To check our quality below there are videos on tablaos and television with live music and dances performed by the group.

For inquiries and contracts: +54 11 6153-7946 or send a message from the contact section.

In private shows the group has 3 members (a guitarist, a bailaora and a cantaora), if required, a fourth member can be added to the group, which would be a male bailaor and thus have the dance partner.

The flamenco show in addition to the artists includes a mobile tablao (1 x 2 m detachable wooden platform) where the flamenco dance is performed, as well as the sound (console, speakers, microphones) so that the audience can be heard very well. guitar, cante and flamenco cajon… we take care of everything so that you have the best flamenco tablao at your event!

During the show, the audience enjoys rumbas, sevillanas, alegrías, bulerías, tangos and other flamenco touches and rhythms in a fun and high-quality show performed by professional artists.

Our presentations always leave those who hire us very satisfied because we have 15 years of experience in private private parties, do not hesitate to contact us!