foto_bioHe began to study rock guitar at the age of 10, to later discover other genres, such as blues. At the age
of 15 he began his classical guitar studies at the Juan Pedro Esnaola School of Music, and then
continued them at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory. Later, at 19, he returned to popular music entering
the Avellaneda School of Popular Music. Throughout this period he took Tango guitar lessons with
Chocho Ruiz, as well as with Anibal Arias, folk guitar with Osvaldo Burucuá and jazz guitar with Marcelo
Kitay and Pablo Bobrowicky. Finally, at the age of 20, he began to study flamenco in depth with
professors such as Oscar Varela and Manolo Iglesias, among others; and since 2003 he has been part
of several flamenco groups.
Between 2006 and 2010 he was a member and producer of the flamenco group “Moraires” and a guest
artist of several flamenco groups.
Currently, he directs his flamenco group “Puerto Alisio” since 2011 with which he won of the contest organized by the Government of the city of Buenos Aires “Music in Notable Bars 2019” (also won the same contest in 2017). He has been a guitar teacher for more than 20 years and appears constantly at different events and recitals. He is a soloist of his own works, by Paco de Lucía and Vicente Amigo, among other guitarists. He is the director of the flamenco show at the Centro Asturiano de Vicente Lopez (Libertador 1080, Buenos Aires) where he performs every week, and
prepares his second production “Puerto Alisio Flamenco” (to acquire his first record production “Moraires
Flamenco”, whose songs can be heard while on this page, please go to the “Contact” section and send a
message requesting it).